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Consortium Publisher - ICDTD Inc is Canada based international organization, currently operated from Mississauga ON Canada. Great Canadians have always played vital roles in all major fields including science, technology, research, services and sport. So, Consortium Publisher is an Open Access platform, comprised of 12 research journals handled by highly skilled editorial board members. The submitted articles are process by using the Collaborative Peer Review Platform, Open Journal System (OJS), Artificial Intelligence Assistance, Publication Management System (PMS), Digital Editorial and article-level metrics.

Along with top researchers around the world, Consortium Publisher Canada covers more than 500 disciplines. Our freely accessible research articles received millions of views, downloaded globally all the times with good citation profile. So, Consortium Publisher Canada - ICDTD Inc is an accredited professional institution that professes the most current knowledge and manages the research information in best possible manner. We cover a wide range of academic disciplines including business, society, humanities and sciences. We are progressive enterprise for scholars, researcher, and professionals from all over the world interested in advancement of sciences and technology. Our team of expert ensures the timely publication of high quality research work.
Additionally, we are equipped with a team of experienced professional who maintain the standard of articles through a process of thorough peer review. We always seek the opportunities to bridge and integrate the researchers, businesses and substantive diversity of scientists. That may potentially encourage a vigorous dialogue between scholars and practitioners all over the world to maximize the impact of their thoughtful ideas. Hence, we welcome you to publish with us and experience innovative learning in a promising professional environment.
Our Mission
We are dedicated to deliver the best possible publication services and solutions to develop the innovative ideas, assure the advancement in science and technology. We try to work in smart way; obtain decent results; create value; inspire the scientific community to make the moments more optimistic.
Our Vision
To provide rational information to help in time for strategic support, mobilization and management of respective needed information, data and skills. We offer valid data and develop the network in the fields of health, life, engineering, medicine, management and social sciences.


Consortium Publisher Canada – ICDTD Inc is an operating name of Intellectual Consortium of Drugs Discovery and Technology Development Incorporation. That was founded in 2009 in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada with a vision to make publication more accessible for everyone around the world. Our goal was to make scientific information more transparent and efficient. Therefore, we are encouraged and supported by researchers around the world.
Consortium Publisher Canada – ICDTD Inc was started in 2009 by three Canadian friends Taha Nazir PhD, Suraj Abraham PhD and Jagbir Singh PhD. Their vision was to strengthen the researchers in their quality publication, connect the international scientific community and improve open access trend for the benefit of mankind. Dr. Nazir is the founder and board chair of Consortium Publisher Canada – ICDTD Inc. He was awarded the Ph.D Microbiology in 2010 and having ≤25 year’s research, academic and professional experience along with exceptional knowledge microbiology, molecular biology and biotechnology. Journal of Applied Pharmacy (ISSN 1920-4159) was the first journal successfully launched in 2009. Canadian Journal of Applied Sciences (ISSN 1925-7430) was second journal started in 2011. Resting 10 journals covering all major academic fields and scientific disciplines were then started after about five years in 2016. The office location of Consortium Publisher Canada – ICDTD Inc was then moved from Saskatoon SK to Mississauga ON Canada. The motives behind this decision of shifting organization was to connect with more dynamics professionals, obtain international recognition and get attention of scientific community. Thus, Consortium Publisher Canada – ICDTD Inc become a credible, respectable and reliable publishing institution.

The Future

Consortium Publisher Canada – ICDTD Inc is actively adopting the innovative ideas to make the published contents more suitable and accessible in all possible ways. The investors, employees and editorial will be taken on board for a long-term vision to achieve the desired scientific goals to serve the humanity in best possible pattern. We wish to make our organization more capable to accelerate possible facilities for everyone.

Therefore, the revenue generated is re-invested to assure the consistent growth and availability of information across the world. Consortium Publisher Canada – ICDTD Inc will continue to improve the services to enable the researchers, scholars, editors, authors and reviewers to forward the benefit in best possible fashion. Our dedicated staff and incredibly team is working hard with phenomenal contribution of scientific communities. Therefore, Consortium Publisher Canada – ICDTD Inc can make the future more successful and brilliant.

Additionally, we are proactive to collaborate with other academic, research and business organizations. We are determine to make the scientific platform more open by deploying the artificial intelligence, collaborative peer review, article level metrics and digital editorial.

Management Team

The Management Team of Consortium Publisher Canada - ICDTD Inc is responsible for the overall policies, strategy and activities performed on a daily basis.

Taha Nazir PhD

Chief Executive Officer
Prof Dr Taha Nazir – Pharmacist, Pharmacologist & Microbiologist was awarded Ph.D Microbiology in 2010; M.Phil Pharmacology 2000 and graduation in pharmacy in 1997. He has ≤25 year’s research, academic and professional experience along with exceptional knowledge epidemiology, cell pathology, molecular biology and biotechnology. He has sufficient teaching experience to the graduate and post-graduate students in different universities. That assumed to lead the responsibility of developing curriculum, designing programs and deploying the projects in defined budgetary order. The institutional needs of those that are a part of the organization often dictate him regarding the scope and magnitude these projects. Thus, Dr. Nazir has played multitudinous roles in a variety of academic, scientific and professional capacities/ positions. Additionally, he has strong experience of writing, reviewing, and publishing the research manuscripts. Because he compiled seven books and published ≤80 research articles published in accredited scientific research journals. Web of Science Researcher ID - N-5730-2015 (Thomson Reuters) ORCID ID - | Prof Dr Taha Nazir – Pharmacist, Pharmacologist & Microbiologist 

Publons | Research Gate | Scopus profile | Google Scholar | Loop Frontiers   

Marwa Almaghrabi
Chief People Officer
Umer Khan
Chief Publishing Officer
Amira Eltahan
Executive Officer
Wolfgang Danz
Technical and Medial Advisor
Kunza Aqdus
Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
Nida Rao
Chief Planning and Editorial Officer
Cherry Budgood
Chief Planning Advisor
Dr. Noreen Mehr Unisa
Editorial Manager

Partners and Collaborations

Consortium Publisher Canada – ICDTD Inc is accredited by a member of regulatory bodies, scientific institutions and ethical committees. We always prefer to index and archive our journals in established international repositories. Therefore, our team of expert works with certified publishing service providers and leading organizations. We have maintained the integrity of our scholarly journals and published contents by establishing the compliance and adherence with the quality standards and ethical practices.

Consortium Publisher Canada – ICDTD Inc is the member of the bodies as under,



SCOPUS - Journal of Applied Pharmacy Scopus preview - Scopus - Journal of Applied Pharmacy


Journal Ranking SCImago Scimago Journal & Country Rank Journal of Applied Pharmacy ( The SCImago Journal & Country Rank is a publicly available portal



Sherp Romeo

Sherp Romeo: Joint Information Systems Committee, Bristol UK. Submission Ref.: IN:01058040 |

Zeitschriften Datenbank

Zeitschriften Datenbank is the German Union Catalogue of Serials. That is one of the world’s largest databases for journals, newspapers, monographic series and other serial publications from all countries, in all languages, without time restrictions, in printed, electronic or digitised form. Currently ≤3.700 libraries in Germany and Austria catalogue serial titles and local holdings information in the ZDB. Journal of Applied Pharmacy and Canadian Journal of Applied Sciences are included in Zeitschriften Datenbank.

Crossref's dois

DOI's of Crossref USA Digital Objective Identifiers are acreated and activated trough Crossref sponsored organisation Advanced Multiple Inc Canada.



American Chemical Society - Curate, connect, and analyze scientific knowledge to reveal the unseen connections. CAS weave a fabric of scientific discovery for innovators to accelerate the creativity.



Scientific database of scholarly works - Scilit ( Scholarly works for open access publisher MDPIIntellectual Consortium of Drug Discovery and Technology Development In.



Community built organization -ORCID  
The Print Version:


e-journal portal
J-Gate Scholarly and Technical partnerships with a major support and strength. We are currently publisher partner actively participating in J-Gate.



e-journal portal
J-Gate Scholarly and Technical partnerships with a major support and strength. We are currently publisher partner actively participating in J-Gate.



EZB - Electronic Journal Library
A fast, structured and unified interface to access resources online.

Research Bible

Academic Research Index ResearchBib is open access with high standard indexing database; discover and promote great research resources.


Open Journal Systems - PKP

Consortium Publisher Canada is using the Open Journal Systems (OJS) of Public Knowledge Project (PKP). That is an open source software application, used to manage and publish our scholarly journals. Public Knowledge Project (PKP) has developed OJS system in 2001 to support the scholarly publishers around the world. Therefore, we are using this open source platform for our journals to improve the quality, reach and access.


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Federal Corporation Information

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Become Institutional and Corporate Memberships

Consortium Publisher – ICDTD Inc offer the institutions, libraries and business organizations to support the open access in all possible pattern.

Reasons for joining?

Advantages of Institutional and Corporate Memberships

  • Connecting author, institution and editorial to assure quick quality publication.
  • Systemic work flow of the journal, publisher and administration.
  • Improve the work quality and systematic flow.
  • Minimize the time to process the submission.
  • Prompt, quick and centralized communication.
  • Connecting and updating all entities involved in processing of submissions.
  • Improve the payment workflow.
  • Undertaking the responsibility regarding the manage the Article Processing Charges (APCs).
  • Determination of possible discount of APC’s as per agreement.
  • Quick supply of data to comply with quality peer review.
  • Discounts on APCs depending on the agreement
  • Member institutions provided with insight into open access uptake in real time.
  • Member institutions will be provided the detailed data reports of published articles.

Direct Invoicing

  • The invoice of APCs send directly to the agreed department/ person for all accepted articles.
  • The complete or partial waiver of publication charges are applicable based on the institution’s publishing history with Consortium Publisher Canada – ICDTD Inc.
  • The author has not worried about pre-payment or deposit.


  • Funds are deposited into Consortium Publisher Canada – ICDTD Inc. account in advanced.
  • The already deposited funds can be used for cover the APCs for every new accepted article.
  • The fund will be available without any time limit.

Monthly invoicing

The open access charges and publication fee’s of articles are added into single monthly invoice. So, the institution cover the APCs to help and support the authors belongs to particular member academic institution, research organization or corporate business.

How to become Institutional or Corporate Member

For becoming the member and setting up institutional and corporate membership with Consortium Publisher Canada – ICDTD Inc you can contact us at

CONSORTIUM Publisher Canada – ICDTD Inc., 201-6660 Kennedy Road Mississauga ON, L5T 2M9 Canada. You can fill following form, we shall recommend the most suitable plans.

Consortium Publisher Canada - ICDTD Inc.

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